Recording the new EP

I have been making music for a long time and more often than not, as most musicians will tell you, it felt like a constant uphill climb. So you can imagine my surprise when the team coordinated by Oscar Chavira, White Knuckle Productions, in a matter of two weeks pulled off what I know to be a great sounding EP.
We partnered up with Tony Ardoin, music producer from Louisiana, who received the material five days in advance and immediately got to work at the world class Sonic Ranch Recording Studios in Tornillo, TX. The band and I had one single rehearsal before heading into the studio. Comprised of MarSau, bassist, Israel Aguirre, keys, and Omar Uribe, drums, we didn’t waste any time in the three days we were out at Sonic Ranch. Our sound engineer Charles Godfrey let his expertise speak for itself and made the process ten times easier. Whereas all I saw was a bunch of cords and rooms, Charles saw tools, each with their own purpose to capture the best possible sound. To top it all off, the guys behind the scenes, Tony Cedillo (dotVideo Design) really completed the team. Tony, man this guy is a working machine! If he didn’t have a video camera on hand, he had a camera to shoot still images.
All in all, it was a constant hustle but I couldn’t have asked for a better team to pull it off. I was in complete awe at the level of professionalism and skill that these individuals exhibited so much so that I felt a little intimidated! But they made sure to make me feel at home and the overall chemistry can be heard on the record. A special thanks to the staff out at Sonic Ranch Studios for making our visit pleasant and relaxing. We captured some magic out there and I cannot wait to share it with all of you!
You can watch my experience right here under the VIDEOS tab! Enjoy!
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